Baosheng jing – mentinerea vietii

If people exercise their bodies, the hundred ills cannot arise.
If they never drink to intoxication, the host of ailments stays away.

After a meal, walk a hundred steps and massage the belly a few times.
For sleep avoid high pillows, and spit or cry without looking back.
Cut your nails on yinchou days and give your hair a hundred strokes.
When satiated, urinate standing up; when hungry, pass water squatting down.

In walking and sitting avoid the wind, in your residence avoid small nestings.
Never face north to relieve yourself, and throughout life remain obscure and hidden.
Observe all the taboos on sun and moon, stay away from dangerous fire and water.
Every night wash your feet before retiring and after dinner don’t eat another snack.

Consideration and forbearance are of highest value, while cheating and gossiping kill family relations.
Thinking and worrying most harm the spirit, while joy and anger upset your respiration.
Regularly remove all nasal hairs, always avoid spitting on the ground.
Rise as soon as the day breaks, and when getting up, put the left foot first.

Throughout the day avoid disasters, get rid of wayward qi, and stay away from evil.
Focus on performing the Seven-Stars Step which will let you live a long and happy life.

Sour flavors harm the muscles and pungent flavors reduce good qi.
Bitter flavors diminish the heart while sweet tastes injure the will.
Salty flavors hinder your long life, so don’t give in to cravings for one or the other.
In spring and summer, go along with ease; in fall and winter, stabilize your yang.

Sleep alone to guard perfection and remain cautious and tranquil at all times.
Wealth and brocades all have their proper lot, know what is enough to find your best advantage.
Aggressive acquisition is a great affliction, while few desires keep you out of trouble.
Then qi and spirit remain naturally present and you can learn the Dao completely.

Write this on your wall or door and teach it well to other worthy fellows.

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