Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

43 Neither immortals nor successful Daoists are equipped with magic of some kind.

The Dao cannot be divided; whatever one practices, it can be reduced to a common root that bears no reference to magic. All the Dao is about is concentration of the mind and calming of the will. This is why the Dao is life.


The immortals have gone beyond this world but not by some strange magic. They guard the One and keep it strong, raise their essence and do not let it flow away, lower their essence and do not waste it. Thus, they keep spirit and essence within and do not die, even in one thousand years.

44 Accumulate your essence and your lifespan is extended.

Beware of mistreating yin and yang, of letting spirit and essence flow out. Collect essence and hold on to qi—you can life ten thousand years.


As long as you nurture your essence and qi, concentrate your heart and control your will, harmonize the qi and be righteous and benevolent. Then your virtue will be abundant and the Dao perfected.

45 Ordinary people eat the five grains and substances of the five tastes.

Ordinary people eat the essence of Earth; therefore, their bodies are doomed to death and return to Earth. Sages partake only of the qi of primordial harmony; therefore, their bodies become immortal and return to Heaven.


Ordinary people eat the various grains, nourishing on the essence of Earth. The fill themselves with the five tastes and fragrances and, lacking the true way of the divine banquets, cannot but return to the Yellow Springs.

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