Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

46 We alone nourish on Great Harmony, the qi of yin and yang.

Those aspiring to immortality eat yang qi in the morning and yin qi at night. During the day, the feed on primordial qi.


Yin qi rises, yang qi descends. They meet in the center of the Six Harmonies to bring forth the five tastes in mutual support. One should therefore partake of the harmony of Heaven.

47 So we are able to avoid death and forever go along with Heaven.

One who has attained the Dao does not die. His lifespan is without limit; he goes along with the eternity of Heaven. Going along means to be in close communion.


Eating and drinking Great Harmony, the drugs of no-death will not dissolve but be spontaneously part of Heaven.

48 The basic idea here is that the five organs each belong to a definite direction.

The five organs represent the five phases; the four limbs represent the four seasons. The Earth is chief among them and located in the center.


The five organs represent the five phases; the six notes belong to the direction of the viscera, including the stomach.

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