Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

49 The heart is the leader of the country, the ruler of the five organs.

The heart is like a rooster, dangerous and hard to calm. Only when there is wisdom in the state, a heart of Great Peace can grow. Then the whole body will enjoy calm and peace.


There are 360 gods in the body, chief of whom is the heart. Without going out, it knows the world; without descending to the hall, it can see the four directions.

50 In the intention, there is movement and rest in true accordance with the movement of qi.

This means that when you concentrate on the gods inside, body and mind will be peaceful and harmonious, leaving behind all agitation. This works because you align your intention with the rhythm of the breath.


Whatever the will follows, it cannot be estimated. In purity, fragrance, and cleanliness, good qi moves along spontaneously.

51 The Dao spontaneously keeps the divine light shining inside me.

Guard the One and meditate on the Dao. This keeps you alive and the divine light shining.


It rests with me, breathes with me, wears clothes with me. It feeds with me and rests with me in unmoving stillness. My guests are the sun and the moon and the three luminaries. I keep them comfortable.

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