Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

1 To practice the Dao in leisure, pick out a spot where you can be alone

A practitioner of the Dao must withdraw to a chamber of silence, return to the womb, and purify his body. Only then can he make the pure spirit return.


Withdraw and hide away, break off contact with the ordinary world. Nourish yourself on breath and work on your essence, then your face will shine forth like a cinnabar pearl.

2 Strengthen and nurture inner nature and life; guard emptiness and nonbeing.

Emptiness and nonbeing are the spontaneous. Guard the Dao and nurture the body, cultivate accordance with nature and never act contrary to yourself.


In gratitude to the old ones, leave the world and hide away. The registers controlled by the Ruler of Fates will be changed in your favor—date of death, name and surname—when you steadfastly guard emptiness and nonbeing.

3 In tranquility and nonaction, what thought or ideas could arise?

In purity and tranquility, you can nurture the pure spirit and cultivate your body. Any harm will be a million miles away, and there won’t be any worry.


In tranquility and detachment, delight in the Dao and preserve simplicity. Do not think; do not worry; be utterly free from all trouble.

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