Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

55 Revolve the yang and reach the yin, harmonize the organs in the number nine.

Yang revolves to return to yin. Both rotate around the entire body and return to the organs in the number nine. Nine is the top. Thus the Scripture says: Left two, right seven, organs nine, rest One.


Yang resides in the center of yin. They have progeny: yang the shimmering fire and yin the grain and millet. Both together satisfy each one. The hold the nine in the mouth.

56 Doing this all the time, how would you age?

That is, every morning at cockcrow you should rise, let your hair fall open, clap your teeth thirty-six times, swallow the saliva, and close in the qi. This will prevent your death.


Know the male and guard the female, then virtue will not leave. Know the white and guard the black, then virtue will not diminish.

57 From the liver move the qi to cultivate and strengthen it.

This means that cultivated qi will flow upward and reach the head to support the Niwan.


The liver is the green dragon, the lungs are the white tiger. Upward they communicate with Heaven, thus one has to lengthen and strengthen them.

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