Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

58 Put the five organs in order, then the three luminaries will shine forth.

The five palaces and six viscera all have their rulers. Up and down, they also have their three luminaries. These are the sun, the moon, and the stars.


With a concentrated mind and a one-pointed will, the five organs will stay in proper order, straight and level. In tranquility you can lie down, face up, and see the three luminaries.

59 On top harmonize the Triple Heater, below the jade fluid.

The Triple Heater are the origin of the Three Passes. When hungry, eat the qi of nature; when thirsty, drink the juice of the flowery pond. Hunger and thirst will never come again.


The harmony of the Triple Heater means the center of the Six Harmonies. This harmony will flow down into the four limbs, like sweat or like the jade fluid.

60 Essence depends on Heaven and Earth; this is the Dao of long life.

Essence is my spirit, Dao is my qi. Remembering essence and being aware of qi will put up and down and the ten directions in good order.


Look up to know the Heavens; glance down to see the structure of the Earth. For many years, rule your own life with hair always black as ink and immortal elixirs for nourishment.

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