Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

61 My spirits and souls are in the very center.

The center of the two kinds of souls is located in the kidneys; on the left are the spirit souls; on the right are the material souls. During the day, the spirit souls guard the material souls; at night, vice versa. Keep the spirit souls and control the material souls, never let them get away.


Keep the spirit souls, control the material souls, never let them get away. In all activities, sitting and rising, they should go along with you. The very center is the Hall of Light.

62 The flowing spring of essential fluid drives off the stench.

When yin and yang unite, essential fluid is lost. Then food and drink are without flavor, and the nose has lost the sense of smell.


The essential fluid always gushes forth like a sprint. Should you suddenly awaken by it during sleep, purge it by clapping your teeth, expelling the stench, and drawing in the fragrance.

63 Standing on the oblique breast, take in the Hall of Light.

The oblique [mysterious] breast is below the tongue. The lungs are the Hall of Light. The text indicates that one should take in the breath and hold it so that it can trickle down to the Hall of Light and from here circulate around the entire body.


The center of the Hall of Light is round and about three inches wide. It is the root of the living Dao, as big as an egg and yellow as an orange. Going through it and reaching the oblique breast, it will taste sweet.

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