Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

4 Wings of feathers ready—harbor your detachment!

By practicing the Dao properly, the body will feel lighter and you will move tipsily, floating along as if you had wings. Rise in the air and you will feel the beginnings of real detachment.


Through practice of the Dao and the cultivation of human kindness, the bones soften and the flesh becomes lighter. When the Dao is realized and virtue is complete, a cloudy chariot will come to receive you. Jade maidens support you on the journey; up you go to the Heaven of Great Clarity. There is no need to physically grow feathers.

5 After a long life of steady mindfulness, you are able to fly.

Realizing the Dao means not to die but to be saved in eternal life. Then you can make your soul leave in broad daylight to go up to the Heaven of Great Clarity.


You live through a million years in constant harmony with the One; jade maidens pluck immortal mushrooms for you to munch on, herbs for you to eat. You live on and on, grow feathers and hairs on the body and, upon receiving a summons from the Emperor of Heaven, you fly up into the Green Sea.

6 The five phases come out of their confusion to form the proper root.

The five organs are structured according to the five phases, moving either up or down. In their confused movement, they meet in the throat.


The five colors rise in confusion and vagueness. They are like chaos, without clear differentiation. Then they fly off toward the Green Sea.

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