Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

7 By harmonizing the breaths of the Three and Five, the One Root will arise.

The Three and Five above and below should come together in one chamber. When any of them is spoilt, the One cannot be found.


Three times five is fifteen. In the middle, two friends hide away, coming and going like the three yang forces. The mysterious virtue, subtle and fine, has the shape of a dragon. When you see it, enjoy it for yourself and never tell anybody.

8 They join to rouse sun and moon and Dipper—but with whom?

The left eye is the sun; here the father resides. The right eye is the moon; here the mother resides. The Dipper consists of the Lords of the Seven Stars who are the Seven Governors.


The female resides in the North Culmen; the male is in the Southern Palace. They are close to the Perfected and near to the Dipper. The Three Luminaries shine forth together so that Heaven and Earth can see each other. If you want to attain the One, ask their two lads.

9 Hold on to the jade, cherish the pearl, harmonize the forces in the chamber.

Rough like jade, scattered like stones—you have to control your breathing and think of it as a revolving pearl.


Rough like jade, lined up like pearls—harmonize the breath in the meditation hall, leave the world, and purify yourself.

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