Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

10 If you truly know this [guard the One], all affairs are done.

Cultivate, the Dao, guard the One, nourish the breath, and extend your lifespan. Return to the true, eternal life and put an end to all affairs.


The One is the great spirit, the living root of Heaven and Earth. If you truly know it, all affairs will dissolve of themselves.

11 Once you have hold of it, make sure you do not lose it yet again.

That means, close in the essence, guard yourself, and meditate on the immortal embryo.


Everybody has the One within himself but hardly anybody is aware of it. Guard inner purity and reduce your awareness to the root, love it like a great treasure. A wise man who sees it will make it his friend.

12 Then you will never die but enter the golden palace.

Cultivation of the Dao takes place in the nine palaces everyone has in his body. One returns one’s attention to the womb and purifies the body, regulates the dark and white and relaxes in perfect qi. Make sure that the Three Passes are sealed tightly, so that no bad qi can arise.


Enter within the three inches; they are the golden palace, situation in the Cavern Chamber. The dark towers are the agencies to change the body into that of a perfected. The perfected then resides in the cinnabar field.

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