Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

13 Coming out of the sun and entering the moon—this is the Dao.

The sun and the moon are the eyes, divided into right and left jurisdiction. What rises from the palace of the purple chamber is the Dao.


The sun comes out of great yang; the moon enters great yin. Revolving around and returning to their original positions, they meet and separate.

14 The Heavenly Seven and Earthly Three revolve around and protect each other

There are seven stars in Heaven and three essences on the Earth. The primordial qi revolves around them without stopping.


Heavenly Seven and Earthly Three are like lock and key. Contract the nose and draw in the breath of Earth—rising, it becomes finer. Thus it says: they revolve and protect each other.

15 Up and down, back and forth—in permanent harmony.

Primordial qi always moves up and down in steady mixture. It is without fixed shape, beginning, or end. As Heaven and Earth go along with it, they can live forever.


Earthly qi rises; Heavenly qi descends; yin and yang together mix in the dark red palace—back and forth, back and forth. Following the rhythm of perfect qi, you will reach long life.

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