Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

16 Jade and stones scattered around are my treasures.

Jade as white as stone is lying in the lower part of the body.


Jade disks on a string are scattered like stones. Arising from pure yang, qi is like the smoke of a fire: one tries to catch it but cannot get hold of it. This is my best treasure.

17 Once you have it naturally, nothing is left unguarded.

Close in the essence and guard it naturally; take in the qi and nurture your spirit.


People all naturally possess the One but they do not know how to keep it. Those who know and keep it well grow younger every day and lose only a minimal amount of living qi.

18 Wisdom in your heart is a strong base: nurture the flowery and colorful.

The strong base is that people know how to guard the One. The flowery and colorful means that a person’s face can radiate a light of joy and pleasure while his body prospers and is full of vigor.


Study the perfection of the Dao thoroughly and seek deep understanding of the non-ultimate. Year after year you will keep off old age and guard yourself, returning to the root. The gates of yin and yang will be opened, your complexion will be radiant and blossoming, and you will look ever younger.

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