Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a II-a

19 Obey Heaven, comply with Earth, and harmonize the essence of the organs.

The qi of Heaven sinks down; the qi of Earth rises up. In the center, they mix and bring forth virtue. In constant change, they give rise to each other. Therefore, close in the qi, guard the essence, nurture the spirit, and purify yourself.


The head is Heaven; the feet are Earth. Feeding on the qi of Heaven, you can guide it throughout the body and harmonize it in the elixir field. The dew of Heaven, clouds, and rain enter you through the gate of the brain in the organs. With them there, which grass would not sprout?

20 Standing alone on top of the Mountain of Nine Springs,

The qi in the Niwan Palace shines forth brightly. The Perfected of the Great One resides there. He is all alone.


The heart is the Nine Springs where the Perfected of the Great One resides. Without ever going out, he knows all in the four direction.

21 The Perfected of the Center can be called upon.

You can call upon the Perfected, the immortal embryo. Without ever going out, he knows the world; without looking through a window, he can see the way of Heaven.


The Perfected of the Great One is a small boy. Hidden away deep in the Golden Tower, he cannot be made to arise. Obscured among the Nine Springs, he cannot be called upon.

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