Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

43 Lead it through the seven orifices and drive out the inauspicious.

The face has seven openings, which should all be wide open. Ears and eyes should be attentive so that sounds and sights can enter. Then bad qi will not arise, and joy comes naturally.


44 The sun and moon properly arranged, yin and yang are growing.

This deals with the eyes. The left eyes is the sun and the father; the right, the moon and the mother. They are yang and yin.


The sun and the moon illuminate and inspect the myriad beings, make yin and yang move properly, and order the four seasons. By harmonizing the energies, you can achieve proper order within the body.

45Bow to Great Yin and let it form the embryo.

This means that the embryo is growing in the womb, in the dark and hidden. Carefully, diligently, its body is shaped by yin qi.


The little lad of Great Yin lives beyond the great dark warrior. He is the son of the red god. Bowing and not revolving is the way how yin is conceived of yang. When I visualize him in my body permanently, I remain young.

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