Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

46 Of all the gods of the five organs, those of the kidneys are the most essential.

The kidneys are near the back, about three inches from the navel. They regulate exhalation of qi and essence. They have their own sun, moon, and stars.


The qi of the kidneys is pure and fragrant. The right is the Queen Mother; the left, the King Father. The left corresponds to the green dragon; the right, to the white tiger. They resemble the course of Heaven.

47 Breathe in and out the two energies and make them enter the Yellow Court.

This means that primordial qi enters through nose and mouth. Going through these two openings, it reaches the Yellow Court. This is the spleen.


Going in and out of the two openings refers to the area between the two hands. The god residing in the Yellow Court wants me to get there to enter the towering mountain.

48 Inhale and exhale emptiness and nonbeing; your true form is revealed!

Hold yourself strong and purify your body, then naturally you will perceive emptiness and nonbeing.


Emptiness and nonbeing are utterly tranquil and ineffable. Breathe primordial qi in and out and make it go all around, without end. This way your true form is found near the abyss.

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