Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

49 Strengthen the bones and sinews and make the blood vessels perfect.

This means to make the bones light so that the flesh can rise into the air. The flesh will change into bones, the organs will become muscles, the blood will be pure essence, and spirit will turn into cinnabar. This is how one becomes a spirit immortal.


When qi and essence do not leak out, bones and marrow become full and vigorous. Thereby one is strengthened, and the blood vessels work properly and evenly. Even running like a wild horse, one never gets tired.

50 Blurred, indistinct, invisible—pass through the pure and numinous.

When sitting in meditation, completely forget about all past and present. The gate of the brain is felt to change without end.


Within the blurred and indistinct, there are beings; in the clear and numinous, there are forms. The blurred and indistinct resembles the great Dao; it is the One. Nobody can ever discern its appearance.

51 Sit beneath the stove and observe the little lad.

The stove is the nose. Observe the immortal embryo sit there.


Beneath the spirit stove is the wild field of the golden casket. Observe the little lad, the true One in there. Always search him out beneath the Flowery Canopy.

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