Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

52 Morning and evening meditate on the divine immortal light.

Morning and evening meditate on the gods so that they do not leave your body. The light should always be before your eyes.


Close your eyes, look inside, and meditate on the gods. See your inner light arise and observe the colors green, red, white, and yellow.

53 Come out of the gateless to enter the door less.

Once you have obtained the Dao you can hide yourself and become invisible. That is, you do no longer use the gate or the door when entering or leaving a place. You have become a spirit.


Leaving through the gate of Heaven, you can see the four directions, enter the spaceless and see the great mystery. The great mystery contains the entrance to all that’s subtle and wondrous.

54 In tranquility and freedom from desires, nurture your flowery root.

In a state of tranquility and freedom from desires, the Dao is present naturally. Practice and cultivate the dark and white, nurture the black roots of your hair.


Leisurely rest in the meditation chamber. There deepen and strengthen your numinous pearls and purify yourself from all mundane defilements. Reduce the hard and enhance the deep. Live only on the five herbs and your face will look fresh like peach blossoms.

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