Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

1 Control the mysterious gate to regulate the Dao of Heaven.

This gate is the nose. It is necessary to control the one god in the upper part.


The gate of the will is the mysterious gate. Regulate the Dao of Heaven and guard the dark and the white.

2 Closer to the body, return to spontaneous guarding.

This means you should preserve the gods and the essence within and spontaneously meditate on them.


The great Dao is never far away but always close to yourself, within your body. You have it spontaneously; do not look for it in other places.

3 If you are in a state of purity and nonaction, the gods will remain with you.

On the inside, cultivate the Dao by practicing nonaction; on the outside, cultivate the Dao by purging your mind of desires. Never be agitated, and the gods will remain.


Only wise people practice the Dao. It is not for fools. A pure mind and tranquil will is the joy of the gods.

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