Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

55 By nourishing your body on the pure qi of the mystery, you will stay with life.

This means nourishing on the qi between the two kidneys. They both contain white qi, so there is dark qi between them.


On the outside the great mystery, on the inside the great abyss—like streams flowing on and on, coming together in the four seas. All who nourish on this are with life.

56 Return to the seven gates and drink from the spring of the great abyss.

These gates are the seven orifices in the face. They should all be open. Drinking from the great abyss means swallowing the saliva assembled in the mouth.


The jade juice springing from the great abyss is sweet like sugar. It always springs close to you, but you don’t know that. Once you get it, it is the creek of the isles of the blessed.

57 Going through the throat, it passes the pure and numinous.

The qi is the Dao. It goes down through the throat, passing the gall.


The abyss of great purity changes in radiance in accordance with the times. The terrace of purity and numen overlooks the four directions. From the throat, it leads down to the Great Storehouse.

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