Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

58 You ask about the Dao of the immortals and the unique merit needed to gain it.

There are 3,600 methods toward immortality, with a million different starting points. All consist essentially in cultivating qi and guarding inner nature. The arts of long life are unique in their merit.


The Dao of the immortals is emptiness, nonbeing, and spontaneity. One attains it through non-cultivation. Raising one’s feet 10,000 miles is the same as sitting upright. There are no odd means or fancy drugs.

59 Always eat numinous fungus and jade-strength plants.

Numinous fungus and strength plants are not only found on famous mountains. They are also in the red center in the five organs. Always nourish on these substances in your organs, and you will become as old as Heaven and Earth.


Stop eating grains and sweets. That will make the six Ding gods and jade maidens come to serve you. Ordinary people think one has to go out to gather fungus and herbs, gold and purple blossoms and grasses to eat.

60 Wear purity and immaculacy on your head, step with your feet in cinnabar fields.

Wear the sun on the head and step on the moon, make the essence return to nourish the brain—this is bodily purification, the Dao of long life and no-death.


The perfected who have succeeded in the Dao and now reside in permanence wish to teach the Dao of immortality to others. Therefore, they make them meditate on the black and white of the head and visualize their feet treading cinnabar fields.

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