Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

61 Bathe in the flowery pool, rinse the numinous root.

The flowery pool is the mouth; the numinous root, the tongue. The mouth should be filled with saliva to rinse and wash the numinous root.


Bathing in the flowery pool is purifying the body in the cinnabar field, cleansing the numinous root with the flowery or jade pool.

62 When the three chambers are harmonized, the gates of life will open.

The three chambers are the Grotto Chamber, the Flowery Canopy, and the Hall of Light in the head. The Gate of Life is the nose. Once it is open, yin and yang meet and enter the ears and the eyes. They become sharp and penetrating.


Each of the great harmonies of Laozi has three chambers. Together they serve the Lord Lao, always opening and closing the gates of life and shining forth in qi without end.

63 When the five tastes come out clearly, the good qi is coming back.

In a cleansed and purified mouth, full of sweet saliva, the five tastes are perceived most clearly. Revolving the cinnabar and cultivating the body are the means to gain immortality.


In the center of the six harmonies, the five tastes are born. Realize them by taking food and find the right qi.

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