Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

64 With the great Dao in plenitude and abundance, there are no more worries in the heart.

The great Dao is like a stream, like the sea. Holding on to it, one knows no more limits. Meditating and guarding the One, there are no more anxious thoughts, fear or agitation.


The great Dao, plenty and abundant, is shining brilliant and glistening. The perfect Dao knows no worry—a Dao with worry is not perfect. Search for it among the shapeless.

65 Practice with disheveled hair and you will live forever.

Loosen your hair and nourish on the essence of the sun and the moon, guard yourself together with sun and moon, and you will live forever.


The great Dao ends in the million. With open hair you lie on your back, your body off to purification on the five peaks. Thus you live forever.

66 My words end here. Never pass them on!

This Dao is not for everyone. Do not give it away with ease.


The speaker is the Central Lord Lao. He explained the Dao of Heaven in the body from head to toe so that we can live in perfection. But you must not give it to the wrong people who are unable to understand it correctly. Beware! Beware!

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