Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

10 In due course you can perfect the cinnabar and live forever.

This means that you can expel the limit of your years and make sure your body never grows old. Thus you can live forever.


Once one is forty or fifty, there is no return. But those who understand perfection grow only day by day. Those who do not understand only enter deeper and deeper into suffering.

11 Revolve qi and make it pass through the flowery pond. This way the essence of the kidneys is activated.

From the gate of the brain go down through the thorax to the kidneys.


Beneath the Flowery Canopy, yin accumulates. When the gods assemble there, it can be activated and led to rise up. Then it can nurture the purple palace.

12 Inspect the Hall of Light. It is close to the cinnabar field.

Enter the head between the eyebrows for about one inch. That is the Hall of Light. Go on for three more inches. This is the cinnabar field.


The Hall of Light and the cinnabar field are close to each other. They can see each other.

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