Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

13 Thereby you induce all the gods to open the gates of life.

Through the nose you draw in perfect qi. As this goes on continually during the night, the nose becomes the Heavenly root.


The gods are also called the great gods, the masters of all beings. Worship them and they will come to save the people and open the gates of life.

14 All the channels of Heaven will be opened and cleared, the numinous root preserved.

The head is round and symbolizes Heaven; the numinous root is the tongue.


Nine times nine is eighty-one. The head makes up two parts of this. From hand to toes, the primordial qi flows freely, circulating through the entire body. The numinous root is to be preserved strong and hard. Never relax the effort.

15 Yin and yang are arranged like floating stars in the sky.

The face has seven orifices, which resemble the seven planets. Utmost yin returns to yang. when you glance at the sun, you soon see little stars. Essence on the move, qi spread, this is the entrance to the mysterious gate.


The three energies go up and down. When you close the Three Passes as well as the hundred channels and nine orifices, you can regulate the qi properly. Lustrous and sparkling, the divine light will show on your skin like the stars on the firmament.

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