Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

16 The qi of the liver revolves in circles, never ceasing.

The qi of the liver revolves around the body. It is like a spiral, never ending or beginning.


The liver is the green dragon; it comes from the left. The lungs are the white tiger; they originate on the right. The way of the gods is obscure and continuous, without fixed beginning or end.

17 The qi of the lungs rises from the Triple Heater.

The qi of the lungs rises from the Three Passes: the mouth above, the hands in the middle, and the feet below.


The lungs have three wings, connected with the Triple Heater. They are also call the Flowery Canopy; their color is purple red.

18 Bow at the Gate of Heaven and wait upon the Dao of old.

The Gate of Heaven is the mouth. Waiting upon the Dao means to pass through this gate to the brain.


The original Gate of Heaven is the basic root of the Dao of old. Preserving and guarding it will lead to long life.

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