Huang Ting Waijing Jing – partea a III-a

19 The pure fluid, juice of the sweet spring, will rinse the six prefectures.

The pure water of the flowery pond will drip down and assemble in the space at the root of the tongue. From here it flows into the large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, stomach, and to the gate of life. Thus the six viscera are rinsed.


20 Follow it through the nose up and down and keep your ears open.

Primordial qi enters through the nose, goes up and down, and reaches the ears. This is the right way.


Close in the qi and shut off the nose. The longer you do this, the subtler your breath will become. Inhale and exhale primordial breath, feel it go up and down. Never slacken! Keep your ears open!

21 Attentively inspect Heaven and Earth, visualizing the immortal child.

Heaven is the head; the Earth is the feet. The child is the god of the One. He should always be guarded.


By inspecting the gate of Heaven above, the three luminaries will be seen. Looking at the Earth below, the child will appear.

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