Riyong miaojing – practica zilnica


Respect Heaven and Earth / Honor the sun and the moon
Fear the law of the land / Follow on the way of the kings
And obey your father and mother

To your superiors be honest and withdrawing / To your inferiors by harmonious and kind
All good things do / All bad things eschew
From perfect people learn / Debauched people avoid

High knowledge is dangerous / Deep knowledge is enriching
Be calm and always at peace / Be restrained and always content
Be cautious without worrying / Be patient without shame

Give up all luxury / Devote yourself to perfection
Conceal others’ flaws / Praise others’ virtues
Practice skillful means / And teach your neighborhood

Befriend the wise and the good / Keep away from sounds and sights
In poverty stick to your lot / In wealth give charity
In action be even and deliberate / In repose / rely on others

Always battle your ego / Never give in to jealousy and hate
Reduce stinginess and greed / Give up cunning and craftiness

Those oppressed help to liberate / Those who hoard try to change
Never break your promises / Always speak the truth
Think of the poor and orphaned / Give aid to the homeless and indigent
Save those in danger and trouble / Accumulate hidden merit

Always practice compassion / Never kill any beings
Listen to words of loyalty / And be free from a scheming heart
Follow these rules / And ascend to the beyond

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