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Chapter on Various Wanders

pp 169 Ch’un Yang Tzu (Lu Tung Ping) said:

„What is the genuine One, Chen I?

– Is the Yang of Heaven, the Yin of Earth, the vital energy of all things, the nature of man, the origin of the body, or the ancestor of life. It is the body of the dragon, or the form of the tiger. It is the name of the essence or the blood. It is the essence of the lead or the mercury. When it manifests in the superior souls, it becomes three. When it is encountered in the inferior souls, it becomes seven. Those are the sources of the genuine One.

What is the method to nourish it?

– When, we refine the breath energy of the Elixir Field to make it strong in our body, the spirits of nature will become complete. In (all) twelve bi-hourly periods, guard the one breath energy of the heavenly truth to have it enter into the palace of the Elixir Field. Have no thoughts in the mind, and have no will on the external world. Not exiting, not entering, not going, and not coming, the spirits will be settled and naturally be peaceful.”

pp 170 Sun Chen Jen, (Ssu Miao) said:

„The form should be exercised. Drinking should not be allowed for one to get inebriated. Then no diseases will be present. Eating to the full is not beneficial. After eating, walk one hundred steps, and use the hands to rub the abdomen. On the day of Yin Ch’ou, clip the nails and comb the hair one hundred times. When full in stomach, stand to urinate; when hungry, sit to urinate. When walking, do not face the wind. When staying, don not be in a room with cracks. At night, wash the feet before to bed. Thinking and worrying harm the spirits. Joy and anger harm the vital energy. The nose should be rid of hair, and the mouth should not spit on the ground. At early dawn, get off the bed with the left foot first. Then, evils will be expelled and there will be no misfortunes for the whole day. Walk the steps of the seven stars, then on will live happy and long.

Acidity harms tendons, bitter food harms the bones, sweet harms the muscles, acrid food harms the breath energy, salty food cuts life. Therefore, he who indulges himself in special love of certain food should not be unbalanced.

In spring and summer, ejaculate as little as possible. In fall and winter solidify Yang. Sleep alone and guard the truth essence with added carefulness and quiescence. That is the most precious.

As for wealth, one has a destined amount for life.

Contentment is beneficial. Compulsion brings great calamity. Those who have few desires, will see no trouble. Those who have calm spirits will enjoy constant peace. Those who cultivate Tao should persist to the end. Then that will do.”


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