Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

1 Laozi, living in seclusion, composed the seven-word text,

Laozi was born before Heaven and Earth; he has always been there since Heaven and Earth came to be. He has thirty-six titles and seventy-two names. He took refuge in the womb of Mother Li and was born after eighty-one years. He composed the Huangting jing to transmit his teaching to later generations. Appearing in countless revolutions, he completed his task. Always, he naturally found someone who would kneel before him to receive the instructions. If nobody had been found, Laozi would not have spoken even for ten thousand generations. * Laozi is the essential soul of Heaven, the lord of nature. He brought forth the divine immortals, who live on and on for ten thousand generations. He composed the seven-word text to transmit his teaching to posterity.

2 To clarify the human body and its relation to the gods.

Laozi rests quietly in so-being, yet at the same time floats about the eight ends of the universe. [Like the Dao], he is vague and obscure, and cannot be fathomed. Continuously changing on and on, he holds the sacred talismans, controls the registers of life and death, and orders about the host of the gods. The Dao does not have two families—to the end it always supports its servants. The Dao does not have two kin groups— invariably it always remains with the good. * The lord says that all is originally one continuous process. The whole body, from head to feet, can be brought to life. It is a single network and, as a whole, can be at peace. The Dao is not twofold. Whoever practices it is wise.

3 Above there is the Yellow Court; below, the Primordial Pass.

The Yellow Court is in the head. It encompasses three palaces known as the Hall of Light, the Grotto Chamber, and the Elixir Field. Enter between the eyebrows toward the back of the head. After one inch, there is the Hall of Light; after two inches, there is the Grotto Chamber; after three inches, there is the Elixir Field. These three constitute the Upper Prime. The Yellow Court is paired with the Grotto Chamber. Together they bring forth an infant god, who is their resident perfected. Always visualize him! Be careful not to lose the image. The infant turns into a perfected in the Hall of Light. Then he is called Master Elixir. Here, to know the perfected means to concentrate on the Hall of Light as its residence. Practice breathing and daoyin, close your eyes and turn your vision inward, calm your mind and concentrate your thoughts. Merge with chaos in the limitless! Let essence revert upward and circulate in the Niwan [Elixir Field] . This will bring about the Perfected Master Cinnabar. In the Hall of Light, the infant and the Master are a like lord and minister. Further behind, in the Grotto Chamber, they are like father and mother. In the Elixir Field, they are like husband and wife. According to another explanation, the Yellow Court is the spleen. It is located one inch above the Great Storehouse [stomach in the abdomen, about three inches above the navel]. The spleen is the seat of the God of the Center, the Yellow Lord Lao. He rules from here. The Primordial Pass is three inches below the navel. The Gate of Primordial Yang is suspended before it. When essence here is completely clear, it reflects the entire body. Never slacken in your practice of this Dao. * The Yellow Court is the eyes. The father and mother of the Dao both nourish the immortal embryo. On the left, there is the Numinous Yang, also known as Splendor Brightness. On the right, there is Great Yin, also known as Mystery Radiance. All three together build the right virtue, they support each other as they develop.

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