Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

55 Visualize all five organs one by one and observe moderation.

Be always mindful of the five organs so that the god’s won’t leave your body. * The five organs and six viscera each have their ruler. Cultivate yourself and purify your body, cut out all grain from your diet and stop drinking wine. Eating and drinking must be in perfect harmony, then you can begin afresh. Never lose moderation.

56 Regulate the six viscera and make them as pure as bleached silk.

The six viscera are the gall, stomach, bladder, large intestine,  small intestine, and the navel. They should be completely clean at all times. * No evil thought in the heart, no foul word in the mouth, no bad sight in the eyes, no unmelodious sound in the ear, no immoral grasping with the hands, and no wrong step with the feet—these are the six ways of behavior, governed by the lords of the six viscera. Thus, by acquiring the ability to reduce these, the Dao is realized and virtue is perfected. Clean yourself to a state of pure silk.

57 Emptiness, nonbeing, and spontaneity are the strength of the Dao.

The twelve energies of emptiness and nonbeing formed humanity through spontaneity. The farther one is away from the Dao, the less one can know perfection. * Emptiness and nonbeing, in chaos and without differentiation, are the nonbeing of the Dao. The spontaneous cannot be visualized; by looking up and down, one can only see oneself. Always preserve mysterious purity and you will find new youth. Know the male and guard the female, then the souls will not leave the body.

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