Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

58 When beings are in line with the spontaneous, things will not go wrong.

When one is able to realize the spontaneous and practice the meditation of the perfected, the world with all its complexity will be forgotten. Always in a state of mindfulness—what can go wrong? * The spontaneous is the great spirit of Heaven and Earth. It cannot be visualized or thought of. Pure qi, it just comes and goes naturally.

59 Relaxed and restful, practice nonaction and your body will feel calm.

Tranquil without action, clod like and alone—calm your mind and put your thoughts at rest, regulate the breathing and just be. Thus your body will feel calm and peaceful. * In outer behavior, guard naturalness; deep inside, hold on to the primordial Dao. Never violate cosmic prohibitions, so that you won’t meet with harm and hurt. Always maintain peace.

60 The meditation place of emptiness and nonbeing should be secluded far within.

In a secluded place hide yourself to practice the Dao in the Grotto Chamber. Always stick to the one place and do not go out to compete with people. Thus the text speaks of resting in a secluded place. * It is the nature of emptiness and nonbeing to delight in cleanliness and purity. Therefore one should cultivate harmony in seclusion and converse with the gods. Draw the curtains so as not to hear people chat and concentrate on the mysterious virtue. The five colors will sparkle before you; sun and moon will radiate with brilliance. Thereby you can make east and west, the three and five return, revolve them around your intestines and nurture your vitality.

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