Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

61 In a state of utmost peace and perfect openness, words fall silent.

Being by oneself in seclusion to concentrate on the Dao and meditate on perfection: keep your eyes closed to avoid distraction and keep your mouth shut to preserve integrity. * In seclusion and protected by a canopy, guide your mind to communicate with emptiness. In nirvanic peace and openness, your eyes will behold the pearl of light. In darkness, there will be nothing but breathing to you—and total freedom from greed and craving.

62 Tranquil and free from desires, wander in the gardens of virtue.

No clothing against cold, no sweat in heat—you are tranquil and free from desires, like a clod and all alone. Hidden away in a mountain, you forget about craving riches and honors. * On the outside you may look like a madman, but on the inside you harbor jade like purity. Tranquil in the heart and full of joy, there is no craving in the mind.

63 Pure and clear, fragrant and cleansed, jade maidens will appear.

Bathe in the secluded spot described above, then concentrate fully on your heart and be wholly yourself. Perfume the area with fragrant herbs, fast, and the jade maidens will come to wait upon you. * Rid yourself of all worldly and ordinary defilements and go off into the wilderness, the deserted lands. Here burn incense, spread fragrances, and sprinkle for the six Ding gods. Jade maidens will arrive to serve you.

64 Cultivating virtue and promoting your insight is the right gateway to the Dao.

This admonishes people to guard the Gate of Life by sitting upright in meditation and avoiding evil sights. Cultivate the Dao to move toward enlightenment, observe things on the outside and inspect things within. The gods naturally will open the gate of perfection. * virtue strengthened, the body prospers. In a room with good vibrations, the mind will reach out and the thoughts will come to see the divine light. They can recognize the high villa, the adorned gateway, the golden door, and the jade hall.

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