Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

4 Behind there are the Dark Towers; in front, the Gate of Life.

The Dark Towers are the kidneys. Like overturned cups standing on their rims, they are three inches off the navel, big on top and small below. They contain another universe, with their own sun and moon. The Gate of Life is below the navel. * The Dark Towers are the kidneys. They are related to the eyes through the qicircuits. The Gate of Life is the navel. It is about three inches in size. When the sun rises and the moon sets, yin and yang are balanced. Breathe the primordial breath in and out to nourish the numinous root.

5 Breathe in and out and through the stove; qi enters the Elixir Field.

To breathe out means to expel the breath; to breathe in means to draw it in. The stove is the nose.  This is the essential method to expel the old and draw in the new. The vital qithen enters between the eyebrows and after three inches reaches the Elixir Field in the head. Thus one draws in the breath through the nose and enters it into the Elixir Field. * Breathing out is expelling; breathing in is drawing in. Through respiration the primordial breath can enter the Elixir Field. The Elixir Field is three inches below the navel, the gate of yin and yang. This is where ordinary people produce offspring. Daoist use it to preserve their lives.

6 The clear fluid in the Jade Pond waters the Numinous Root.

“Clear fluid in the Jade Pond” refers to the mouth where the saliva assembles. The Numinous Root is the tongue. One should always keep the teeth together, rinse with saliva, and accumulate it to water the tongue. * The mouth is the Jade Pond, the Palace of Great Harmony. The saliva is the clear fluid, always beautiful and fresh. Saliva collected in the throat makes the sound of thunder and lightning. The tongue is the Numinous Root. Always keep it well watered.

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