Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

7 All can practice this, all can live long.

Practice this day morning and night without slackening. Then you can attain long life. * By practicing this day and night, one will subdue the deadly forces, kill the Tree Corpses and expel all evil demons. Body and flesh will blossom; the true qiwill return. When all evils have lost their power, one will live long and radiate a brilliance.

8 The gods of the Yellow Court wear red robes.

Concentrate and visualize mother and child in the spleen. See how they enter the spleen from the stomach, wearing red. * The tiny pupils in the eyes are a couple. The right is the king, the left is the queen. Wearing red garments, the proceed to a banquet in the palace at the rear of the Elixir Field. Visualize them morning and night, never relax your effort!

9 The Pass Gate has a strong lock; keep its doors in place.

The gate of the lower Elixir Field has to be locked. Don’t open it wantonly. * Close your eyes and look inside. There is nothing that is not seen. Close your mouth and curl your tongue. This is feeding on the mother. Keep the jade flower in the throat. You will never suffer any trouble. All this is due to qi. The teeth are the doors, the tongue is the lock that keeps them in place.

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