Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

10 The Dark Towers communicate with loftiness and eminence above.

The kidneys are located at the gate of the Dark Towers, i.e., the building of the Earth Administration. They are the storehouse of vital qi. Above they are connected with the ears. The ears are on the sides of the head, they are lofty and eminent. * The Dao knows of three primordial points where compassionate intention arises. The lower of these is the steadiness of the mysterious spring in the Dark Towers [testicles] . The middle one is the pair of Dark Towers of the kidneys. The upper one is the pair of Dark Towers of the ears. The latter watch over the Golden Gate and the Jade Entrance. They also communicate with Heaven, in the same way as Lady Jiao plays the zither and the flute, holding and suppressing the notes gong and shang .

11 In the Elixir Field, essence and qi are subtle.

The Elixir Field is located three inches beneath the navel. It is about three square inches in size. Its qi is subtle and wondrous. Visualize it, and it is there; forget about it, and it is gone. It changes and disappears. Thus we say it is subtle. * The Elixir Field is the first chamber, opposite the Hall of Light. Its essence and qiare subtle and can hardly be distinguished. Thus we say it is subtle.

12 The Jade Pond with its clear fluid develops opulence.

The Jade Pond is the mouth. The clear fluid is the saliva as it accumulates there. “Develop opulence” means that saliva is collected at the root of the tongue like a pond. Thus it is opulent. * In the mouth, there is saliva. It rests and moves. Only when collected on the tongue, in its white kind, is it rich and greasy like fat. Rinse with it and maintain it fresh: This is the way to long life.

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