Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

13 The Numinous Root is stiff and strong—grow old but never weak.

The Numinous Root is the tongue. Always keep it rolled up and the teeth strongly together. During the practice never let the tongue get tired or dry. Always visualizes its god, and you will live long but never grow weak. * The Numinous Root is the tongue. It governs the four directions and harmonizes the five tastes. It expels stench and invites fragrance. Bite the teeth together and preserve your qi, thus you can live by swallowing saliva.

14 In the Middle Pond, a deity resides, clad in red.

Constantly visualize the infant in the heart. He is clad in red garments, finely ornamented, and resides in the middle Elixir Field. All exhaustion and bad fortune, all sloth and agitation, through him are made to go. * Ruojing in the throat is the god of the Prime. Beneath middle harmony, the towers show the partition of the way. With his reddish glowing dress, this god becomes a friend.

15 Three inches below the Field is where the gods reside.

This refers to the spleen, situated in the abdomen. Beneath the upper burner is the Numinous Root of the navel. This is where the gods reside. * The palace of the Hall of Light is three square inches in size. The gods reside in the very center of the eye. The eyebrows are their flowery canopies; the five colors are their couches.

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