Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part I

16 Inside and outside firmly kept apart—lock it twice.

Close in essence and guard it well. Never let it leak out wantonly. To close it in properly use the Golden Tower and the Jade Lock. * Qi within should go out; qi without should come in. This process takes place by way of the Three Passes. When both kinds of qiare kept properly separate, the Dao of Heaven is in its natural order.

17 The interior of the spirit stove should be kept in order.

The spirit stove is the nose. There are little hairs inside, which have to be kept in order by removing them periodically. By then breathing carefully through the nose you can expel all evil forces. * This teaches to pull out the hairs in the nose. The nose guarantees the free passage of the divine Dao; thus it is a stove or residence. Practice diligently day and night, never relax your efforts!

18 The breath pipe suspended in the chest contains the talisman of essence.

The lower part of the tongue is the talisman of essence. The throat is the breath pipe. Qi and essence travel up and down through it. It is also where the Upper Prime harmonizes qi to be subtle and wondrous. It is the road on which the perfected travel up and down. * The center of the throat is the part that rises above the breast. Primordial qi travels up and down through this area. Thus it is called the talisman of essence.

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