Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part 3

7 Lead it down through the throat and make it reach the radiant gods.

In twelve hours, the throat grows and rests. In each case, the gods take jade sticks and guard it. The perfected lives in its center and watches over the qi traveling up and down.


When one eats something, the harmonized qi goes down to the gods.

8 Once it has passed the Flowery Canopy, it goes down and becomes pure and clear.

The eyebrows are the Flowery Canopy. Gods reside there.


Beneath the Flowery Canopy, the five colors are clear and bright. The deep abyss of the numinous is also pure and clear.

9 Enter the pure and numinous cavern to see my true shape.

Enter into the brain and see the Lord Niwan.


The pure and numinous cavern is subtle and wondrous, mysterious and vast. Close the eyes and look inside and you will see rivers and the ocean. Observe my shape, see how it leans to two sides that face each other. Viewing like this is like looking into a shining mirror, a deep well. It means experiencing a happiness without end.

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