Huang Ting Waijing Jing – part 3

22 Harmonize your finest essence, and your hair and teeth will be healthy.

This instructs adepts to breathe in the five primordial breaths, clap the teeth thirty-six times, swallow the saliva thirty-six times, and thus bring health to their hair and teeth.


To harmonize the finest essence, at dawn clap the teeth thirty-six times and swallow the saliva. This will help you regulate the locks, open and close the nine orifices, and bring health to hair and teeth.

23 Then your face will shine rosy and you will not grow old.

This is a method to repel old age. The face and the eyes will shine like a small child’s, and the hair will not turn white.


With gates and doors wide open, essence and spirit will fill the place. Then the face will shine, and the hair will grow and not turn white.

24 Down move it through the throat—what would there be scattered?

In the throat are twelve stories. Hold on to the jade lance rigorously to guard them.


Visualize the throat as a passageway to Heaven. Do not let yourself be disturbed or your concentration scattered. Then, like a stone, there will be solid joy in your heart.

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