Study and Practice of “The Secret of the Golden Flower”

Written by Wang Tingjun
(Philosophy Institute of Social Science Academy Of Jilin Province)

Translated by Lian Lihua

Adaptation for web publishing by Richard Vencu. Please note this article will be edited and transferred to the European Longmen website at

Disclaimer: the published text is a version adapted from the original translation made by the Chinese translator. The adaptation aimed to rectify mainly grammar issues, topic of phrases and punctuation which are important from website indexing point of view. Even so the text does not sound like native English and we ask the reader’s pardon for that. While we were careful not to change the meaning of the text we cannot claim to have perfect accuracy so here we give access to the texts in PDF format, to the original translation as well as the current published text so the reader can refer to the original text when in doubt. Please note that the attachments are available for registered users only, please register here in order to get access.

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