The importance of having companions

Wang Chung-yang asserted that the practice of Quan-zhen Dao shouldn’t just practice alone, no matter how endeavor the practice might be. Without communication with other people will result in maintaining a never growing level with a stubborn mind. The benefit from having companions is not merely broaden our mind but also in a way that the companions play a role to stimulate our will so as to encounter difficulties more easily. In this part Wang Chung-yang emphasized on the proper selections of companions. After the right selections, we have to call upon a right attitude toward our companions, that is, the Zhong Dao 中道 (the middle way). It means an attitude with suitable distance with the companions, not too close or too far apart. And, there are also three conditions of being our companions: they must have an enlightened mind, wisdom, and strong will. For the arguments of these three conditions, Wang Chung-yang insisted, “Enlightenment, wisdom and will-power are the three requirements. Without consciousness of being trapped in the phenomena, without wisdom like an idiot, and, without strong will but just gossips are the three improprieties of being a companion. When we have to practice in the Taoist temple with our own endeavor, we need to rely on our will and thoughts while, on the other hand, should not behave in suiting other people’s interest (as a friend), and should not just follow their face.Only to select good ones be the best method.” Actually the selection of companions are not the methodology of the philosophies of Wang Chung-yang, however, the conditions of being the companions asserted explicitly reflect the main features of the discourse. Source:

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