Xing and Ming practice

“Body and Mind Dual Cultivation(性命双修 )”

Xing and Ming are modern people’s lives. Can they separately be understood ? What is Xing? What is Ming? If we didn’t understand Xing and Ming, we can not practice the Internal Arts. Our system believe this: Xing is the view of universe, Ming is view of life.

Xing practice: Spirit /soul/mind/still/ intention
( shen 神、po 魂、zhi志、ling灵、jing静、ding定).

Ming practice: Qi/blood/essence/veins/ muscle /bone/skin


Moving Practice cultivate the Meridians,
Standing Practice cultivate the Channels,
Sitting Practice cultivate the Shen (spirit) and Yi (intention),
sleeping practice cultivate the Ling (soul).

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