About us

The Orient holds many secrets about the human being and its amazing potential. The members of this association have reunited around this search, that can take even decades in some cases.

Sometimes we have found the truth in the center of a pile of illusions, and didn’t recognized it as such. Other times we spent our energy in vain, with the only outcome that we learned how to keep out from impostors. Besides all that we have accumulated a valuable luggage of teachings.

Our purpose is not to teach others what we have learned – that would give us a skill which is not really ours . Instead we try to keep a gate opened to those that teach us, and who we do consider as real masters. Some of them will be visiting our country, others will receive our visit in their own country . Either the situation, we wish to offer the possibility to the real seakers of the truth to meet them [our masters] and to be able to learn from them.

We are certain that the destiny will bring the right ones to join us.

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