Terms and Conditions

This document comprises the terms and conditions of orientalis.ro

We recommend you read this web page carefully. If, by any reason and in any circumstance, you do not wish to accept the terms and conditions stipulated in this document, we urge you not to use orientalis.ro or those services offered by orientalis.ro that you don’t agree to.

By using this website and/or services it offers or it renders you confirm the acceptance of these rules. The owner of the website may modify these rules whenever necessary, by updating this web page. We recommend that you visit this page on a regular basis to keep yourself informed about your rights and obligations.

By user we understand any person who reaches orientalis.ro, irrespective of reason, nationality or geographical position.

The content

The content of this website (texts, graphics, photos, videos, software applications or other media types or content) is protected by copyright both in Romania and abroad. All the materials are the property of Orientalis Association, except for the cases where specified otherwise. The use of the visible information on orientalis.ro other than for personal reasons, without the explicit written consent from Orientalis Association, represents a copyright violation (as per 8/1996 law and subsequent laws) and will be regarded as such.

Terms of use

orientalis.ro is to be used only under the law. The use of this website for any other interest or goal is strictly prohibited. Fraudulent access to publicly-unavailable or personal information is illegal and will be followed by severe legal consequences.

Users information

Once registered, users will be prompted to offer a set of personal data, including phone numbers, email addresses and financial data. It is the users’ obligation to update the personal information so that it expresses reality and to accept legal consequences of acting otherwise.

Please read Orientalis Association’s obligations in managing personal information of users in Privacy policy.

General information about using orientalis.ro

  1. users are responsible to keep access data safe from other individuals, especially from malevolent individuals.
  2. users are responsible for the use of their accounts, irrespective of who accesses the accounts.
  3. users must contact and inform orientalis.ro about any abuse in their accounts.

Regardless the service, using orientalis.ro is free of charge. Orientalis Association holds the right to modify these services or to add new ones. If, by any chance, any of the above-mentioned changes would imply payments, information will be published ahead of time and price lists will be made public for those interested.

If the user goes beyond the limits of this contract, Orientalis Association may take penalty measures, which may include, without being limited to:

  • account cancellation;
  • interdiction to access the services;
  • legal measures.

If damages resulted from infringing this contract occur, Orientalis Association will ask for complete covering.

Making an online payment. Order canceling and return policy

Every online payment is subject to a non-refundable 3% commission, for each transaction, added to the final sum that you will have to pay.

Orientalis Association does not access, nor stores any information about your credit card or about other online payment tools you may use, all this data being visible to the transaction entity only, which is clearly displayed on the transaction pages. Orientalis Association will constantly supervise the quality and accuracy of the process, but, ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have activated all the safety measures you need to make the transaction.

In case of prepaid seminar registration, the sum is not considered refundable, if the user does not show up at the confirmed place and hour out of his or her own fault.  Cancellations confirmed by Orientalis Association will be refunded no later than 30 days following the cancellation.

For any payment other than those related to the seminar registration, as it would be the case of canceling parts of a service or services, the user will be refunded with the amount of money corresponding to the unused services, if payments in advance have already been made.

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